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South Hill is a small rural parish in South East Cornwall. It covers an area of 1,301 hectares. The River Lynher, to the west, forms part of the parish boundary. The town of Callington is 5 km to the east.

The main village is Golberdon with smaller settlements at South Hill, Maders, Trevigo, Trewoodloe and Mornick.

Part of the village of Bray Shop is in South Hill Parish. There are several other clusters of houses and individual properties throughout the Parish. Most of the land is farmland.

St Sampsonís Church is at South Hill, The Parish Hall, Recreation Field and Allotment Field are in Golberdon. There is a also a football pitch and a childrenís play area.




Latest News

The next Parish Council meeting will be Nov 21st, 7.30pm in the Parish Hall at Golberdon. The Agenda for the upcoming meeting and Unapproved Minutes from the previous meeting will be published during the week beginning Nov 13th.

South Hill Parish Remembrance Service

There was a very good turnout for the Remembrance Service at the War Memorial in Golberdon on Saturday. It was so good to see so many people in the community getting together to show their respect.

Community Benefit Fund

There were a few submissions for the use of the latest instalment of the Community Benefit Fund from the Trefinnick Solar Farm. The Parish Council have agreed to fund the installation of an 'On-demand' energy saving boiler. This is effectively an instant boiling water tap that will replace the urn. This will benefit all the users of the hall as it will be safer and more efficient. It also has very low running costs. The Parish Council have also agreed to make funds available to develop an overflow car park on the scrubland at the top of the Recreation Field making use of the concrete plinth that is currently in place there. Callington Colts Football Club have also agreed to put money towards this as they are the main users of the field. This will benefit all of the residents in Golberdon as there will no longer be cars parked all around the edges of the Parish Hall and Recreation Field whenever there is a function. There were two 'in-principal' agreements, the first was for new lighting at St Sampson's Church, the Council agreed that some funds could be made available for this project providing the Church committee presented more accurate plans of exactly what was required. The second proposal was from S.H.A.R.E., which involves installing batteries in the Parish Hall which would store any extra electricity generated by the roof solar panels. The bulk of the funding has been applied for from a scheme run by Marks and Spencer's, the Parish Council would be asked to fund any shortfall. This project depends upon the success of the M&S funding application and the support of the Parish Hall committee. Once those two elements are in place it will then be discussed again by the Council.

Tender for Groundwork at the Parish Hall

The Parish Council are inviting tenders for maintenance work required at South Hill Parish Hall. The work consists of levelling the car park entrance and modifying the pedestrian entrance to the Children's Play Area. Anyone interested in applying for this work should contact Councillor Dennis Hicks on 07866361477 for full specifications.

Hedge Trimming

A gentle reminder to all of those Parish resident's who have roadside hedge-trimming obligations; all hedges can be trimmed from now until the end of February 2018. Don't leave it to the last minute!

Development Plan

Cornwall Council have now made the changes to the NDP as advised by the external examiner. This means that we are now in a position to hold a referendum so that the community can decide whether to accept the NDP or not. It is up to Cornwall Council to organise the referendum and as it is so late in the year we are anticipating that it will be held early in 2018. We will update the website as soon as we have any more news. All the details of the NDP submission can be found on the Neighbourhood Development Plan page.

Redmoor Mine

The drilling at Redmoor Mine has now finished.  You can find press releases regarding the mining here and here. There is more information available on the Strategic Minerals website and the NAE website


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