South Hill Parish Council
Golberdon in the parish of South Hill South Hill Parish Hall The play area by the recreation field in South Hill The recreation field in South Hill St Sampson's Church, South Hill The War Memorial, South Hill Views over the parish of South Hill Views from Kerney Bridge on the parish boundary

Council Agendas and Minutes Archive 2019

Comments Agenda MinutesReports
15/01/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
08/02/2019Extraordinary Meeting  AgendaMinutes
12/02/2019Extraordinary Meeting  AgendaMinutes
19/02/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
19/03/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
16/04/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
21/05/2019AGM Followed by Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
18/06/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
16/07/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
17/09/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
15/10/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
19/11/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
17/12/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes

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